Georgian Aviation University - GAU

Local coordinator: dr Ketevan Davitadze

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Georgian aviation University is one of the leading higher educational institution not only in Georgia, but in whole Caucasus region, offering complete cycle of the higher education (Bachelor, Master, Doctor), which provides complete potential realization at local and international market of the person who is equipped with appropriate knowledge in design of aviation technologies, manufacture, flight and technical-commercial exploitation. For today University maintains 2 buildings, 1 airport with necessary facilities for flight training, fleet of 5 aircrafts, 4 faculties, 11 departments and with 50 Full professors and 15 teachers gives education to 680 students, which pass through examination in computerised examination centre with tailor made software. University has tight connections and successfully relates with the national university of the civil aviation in Kiev, Kharkov Aviation University Civil Aviation Academy of Saint Petersburg, giant of the aviation industry “Boeing” Company.